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Schedule of Services

Schedule of Services

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Ministries at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church:

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Addictions Ministry

The Addictions Ministry believes in helping those who are bound by the spiritual wickedness in high places. This inlcudes all open and hidden addictions that hinder us from becoming the "whole man or woman" as God intended for us to be.

We study to bind the attacks and setbacks on our mind, body and spirit by acknowledging our faults one to another and growing step-by-step in the healing process.

Christian Women Working Together Ministry

Christian Women Working Together [CWWT] is our women's ministry, [ages 36 and up]. Our goal is to reach and engage support of our senior women to attain and maintain fellowship and relationships.

CWWT endeavors to get involved in the community with prayer service, Bible study and other nurturing activities in the local nursing homes.

Hospitality | Usher Ministry

The purpose of the Hospitality | Usher Ministry is bring order to the Church, to greet members and visitors, to show love and harmony and to leave a lasting, enjoyable impression that will encourage all those who enter into our sanctuary to return again.

Media Ministry

The purpose of the Media Ministry is to streamline the Word of God through radio, television, and the Internet. We are an extension of all ministries in the church promoting a spiritual relationship with God through audio and video.