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Schedule of Services

Schedule of Services

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Ministries at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church:

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Men's Ministry

The goal of the Men's Ministry is to reach every man from pew to the pulpit.
Our desire is to offer every man support, fellowship and relationships. It is our hope that our men can reach the challenge of being a husband, father, and income provider in their individual households. The objective is to strive to be effective leaders in God's army and within the community.

Worship | Choir Ministry

The purpose of the Worship|Choir Ministry is to prompt the congregation into active participation of singing praises to our God. To exalt God through song and music and to promote a spiritual engagement through song that will exemplify our love for Christ.

Young Adult | Young Professionals Ministry

The goal of the Young Adult|Young Professionals Ministry is to connect young people to Christ and lead them to the love of God and human beings. We are dedicated to teaching individuals how to live a life that echos the lifestyle and teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our desire is to glorify God, win souls for Christ and make disciples.

Young Women of Faith Ministry

Young Women of Faith Ministry [YWF] is our young adult women's ministry [ages 18-35]. The young women endeavor to equip God's young women to serve in ministry utilizing their gifts and talents. YWF strives to encourage and exhort every young woman through the Word to seek God's plan and purpose for thier lives.